they look so happy and cute. they’ll never be punk rock. the closest thing they’ve created to punk rock was pizza, and it was a joke song


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get a load of this 5sos-official

get a load of this 5sos-official

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just listen to this all day. it’ll cheer you up, make you feel beautiful, and perhaps make you delusional that michael’s finds you attractive

Those colour know-it-alls

me: hey that’s a nice green

ppl: actually, it’s kelly green. 

me: hey that’s a nice mahogany. 

ppl: that’s not mahogany, that’s burgundy. Mahogany’s more brown and burgundy is——-

me: image

i have like 300 followers and ZERO tumblr friends 

i hate it when i get all creative and genius-like and i wanna upload something mindblowing & full of pure awesomeness 

and OOPS SOMETHING WENT WRONG and tumblr wont let you upload for some GOD KNOWS WHAT REASON


Olivier Awards 2014 x

so remind me again how old is he? LET ME TOUCH THAT QUIFF

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Just when isaac lahey becomes useful, daniel sharman decides to leave the show -.- WHYYY?!?!?!?!?!? I LOVE HIM, PLZ STAY ON TEEN WOLF FOR SEASON 4 <33333

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the boys according to urban dictionary 


5 seconds of Calum

omg calum you can sing, play instruments, and you’re artistic?!

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say something tumblr im giving up on you
im sorry i wont see u for 40 days for lent

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